Overview of Digital Humanities at VT University Libraries

Dedicated Digital Spaces and Services

VT Libraries Data Workshops and Trainings (Fall 2021)

The Athenaeum, our dedicated digital humanities rooms in Newman Library

  1. a modular Classroom,
  2. an intimate Collaboration Room,
  3. the Media Den production studio,
  4. and a Consultation Office.  

Virtual Environments Studio, a series of 3 rooms that facilitate the full range of experiences for people interested in immersive environments.

Room 1: Computer Lab where students can develop VR and AR experiences. 

Room 2: a place for students, faculty, and patrons to experience virtual reality in a relaxed setting without having any prior knowledge of the technology.

Room 3:  a full-room-tracked space also offers motion capture, volumentric capture, 3D audio, and mixed reality recording hardware and software. 

To access the Virtual Environments Studio, email virtualstudio@vt.edu or stop by Newman Library, Room 4020

Check out our immersive exhibit, Tunnel Vision

ARIES: Applied Research in Immersive Experiences and Simulations

ARIES can provide the development needed for research on or with immersive technologies, such as the modeling and programming needed for a virtual anatomy simulation or a historic site visit in augmented reality. Specifically, ARIES can help with:

  1. 3D Modeling
  2. Laser scanning
  3. Photogrammetry
  4. Game engine programming
  5. 360 video production
  6. WebXR development

TLOS: Technology Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

“Our team of learning technologies specialists and instructional designers have prepared some helpful guidelines to help you achieve the same learning outcomes online as in a face-to-face course”

Tech for Humanity Initiative

Tech for Humanity is a university-wide effort that emphasizes Virginia Tech’s role as one of the top human-centered comprehensive universities leading discovery, learning, and engagement to address the societal impact of technological innovation through human-centered approaches. The initiative foregrounds the role of ethics, empathy, policy, responsible innovation, equity, human-factor design, human identity, creativity, global collaboration, societal values, inclusion and diversity, sustainability, and attention toward the future of work to ensure a viable outlook for human thriving amidst significant innovations in technology that will shape our world in the decades to come.

Digital Publication Venues

OMEKA: a web publishing platform for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.

Virginia Tech Publishing: Virginia Tech’s digital-first, open access publisher. Based in the University Libraries, Virginia Tech Publishing (VTP) is committed to increasing the visibility, reach, and impact of research produced at the university. VT Publishing publishes scholarly and educational materials in multiple formats for wide dissemination and permanent preservation. In addition to full-service publishing, VT Publishing offers a variety of specialized services to support the publishing needs of the Virginia Tech community. (Check out our podcast page!)


Todd Ogle, Executive Director of ARIES

Jonathan Bradley, Innovative Technologies Coordinator for Learning Environments

Joe Forte, Anthenaeum Coordinator & Digital Humanities Specialist

Corinne Guimont, Digital Scholarship Coordinator

Peter Potter, Publishing Director for University Libraries at Virginia Tech

Quinn Warnick, Deputy Executive Director of TLOS

Sylvester Johnson, Director of the Virginia Tech Center for Humanities at Virginia Tech and Executive Director of the Tech for Humanities Initiative