Course Requirements

The MCPH certificate requires 9 credit hours, distributed as follows:

Two Required Courses (6 credits):

    • ART/HUM/RLCL 5204: Research Methods in Material Culture and Public Humanities
  • HUM/RLCL 5304: Material Culture and Humanities in the Public Sphere

One elective chosen from the following courses (3 credits):

    • ART 5584: Topics in Material Culture
    • HUM/RLCL 5584: Topics in Public Humanities
    • ITDS 5124: Preservation of Historic Interiors
  • HIST 5424: Public History

Admission Requirements

Graduate standing at Virginia Tech (including those accepted by the Graduate School as Commonwealth Scholars) and an essay demonstrating interest in or experience related to a certificate in Material Culture and Public Humanities.

MCPH Certificate Application Forms (yes, there are 2)
Graduate Certificate Application
Application for Degree or Certificate ConferralĀ 

Students seeking admission to the certificate program should contact the Graduate Director or a member of the Steering Committee for the MA in Material Culture and Public Humanities.