Course Requirements

The MCPH certificate requires 9 credit hours, distributed as follows:

Two Required Courses (6 credits):

  • ART/HUM/RLCL 5204: Research Methods in Material Culture and Public Humanities
  • HUM/RLCL 5304: Material Culture and Humanities in the Public Sphere

One elective chosen from the following courses (3 credits):

  • ART 5584: Topics in Material Culture
  • HUM/RLCL 5584: Topics in Public Humanities
  • ITDS 5124: Preservation of Historic Interiors
  • HIST 5424: Public History

Admission Requirements

Graduate standing at Virginia Tech (including those accepted by the Graduate School as Commonwealth Scholars) and an essay demonstrating interest in or experience related to a certificate in Material Culture and Public Humanities.

Students seeking admission to the certificate program should contact the Graduate Director or a member of the Steering Committee for the MA in Material Culture and Public Humanities.